Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Catching Up Again

The place I'm staying this week while I'm in class has no internet access, so here's what I rambled last night:
So I’m in New Jersey for class, staying in a convent/retreat center, watching the debate and trying not to laugh or heckle too much so we don’t disturb the nuns. And here’s the delightful irony of this little trip: my computer so far will not charge at Drew. I tried 4 different outlets, and none of them would work. I came back to the center and tried the charger in my room, and lo and behold it worked. I have nun power, apparently.
We’re up to our usual tricks in class…today, even though I was trying to preserve my battery for “real” work, I was toying with the format of this blog, removing widgets and thinking about new ones. I played games and checked email and sent pieces of flair on Facebook…and paid attention the whole time. And it’s good to be with the “pod” again. We’ve created our own language and our own way of thinking, and this is a relationship that we don’t have with anyone else. I didn’t realize how much I’d missed them.
So back to the blog changes: I’ve removed a widget or two. I’m thinking about adding advertising, but I have to refine a bit…Google AdSense is too general, and there’s a lot of wacky Christian stuff I don’t want them to have on my site. I’ve removed the Etsy link; I sold exactly nothing there, although I’m pleased that all six of the photos and most of the books I had in the UMW Bazaar sold…amazing how much this pleases me, but I have to admit, they were pretty great photos. Sometime soon I’ll scan them…when I’m back in the state where the (church’s) scanner lives. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy taking pictures.

So far class is going well for me, at least. I think I agonized so much this summer that I am actually a little farther ahead of the game than I thought. I also think that I need to get around to reading the books I say I'm going to be founding my studies on...but I'm doing fine.
Leaves are turning here and I regret not having a camera, but oh, am I ever glad to be with these people again!

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