Friday, August 15, 2008

Fall Transformation Friday Five

Mary Beth says:
Here in my neck of the woods, rain is falling...a little uncharacteristic for August, but most welcome! It'll be hot and humid later, but a break in the heat is most welcome.

Also falling (especially into my driveway) are the fruits of the bois d'arc tree (also known as the Osage Orange). We call them "bowdarks" and enjoy bowling them down the driveway to the empty lot across the street. (Yes, I may be a redneck...)

Bois d'arc fruits are used only for: 1) making more trees and 2) eating by squirrels (if you have another use, please let me know!)

The wood of the bois d'arc tree, however, is very hard and very beautiful, and makes gorgeous items like the vase above. Such a lovely thing from such an - odd-looking source!

For this Friday's Five, share with us five transformations that the coming fall will bring your way.

1: If they will just post our grades from the summer, I will transform from a student in Drew's D.Min. program to a candidate for a D.Min. A subtle difference, but an important one.
2: This fall, I hope to get my meds/diet/etc. working again. This would involve transforming my needle phobia into something more benign, so I can start taking a new med. Also getting my back straight; it's been hurting again and I think that we meed a new management strategy for the back pain.
3: My dressing room/crafting studio/office will hopefully transform from the imaginary concept it is right now into a well-ordered and organized and useful space where I can write and play. And dress.
4: As the weather cools, I will transform from someone who prefers to stay in air-conditioned spaces as much as possible to someone who loves to walk outdoors and take the WonderMutt with me.
5: If I could wave a magic wand, I'd make everyone happy, healthy, and whole, but I don't have one to wave. So instead, this fall I'm going to (try to) start a new discipline of prayer through creative means. Sometimes this will be journalling (in a cute and clever book I make myself), sometimes it might be a collage or other piece of "art," and I've also got a workshop I'd like to teach on visual prayer called "Praying in Color." I enjoyed the book and have made it and me available to the church. I'll travel, too...:)
Bonus: Give us your favorite activity that is possible once the fall arrives.
Walking the dog is my best thing in the fall. Being outside in general, but the WonderMutt and I love walking down Front Street, looking for ponies and passing by Blackbeard's house.


  1. Oh my goodness, we may be long lost twins! Two of our transformations are identical! Nice play!

  2. I just began using "Praying in Color" in my Spiritual Direction practice - what a great book! How fun for you to lead a workshop on it...On my desk are the set of 84 colored pens that Costco has been selling recently - they are delightful and every time i look at them i want to start praying!

  3. That is a lot! Prayers for the grades and the "upgrade!" A big deal indeed. And also for the meds and pain issues. I loved "Praying in Color" too and think teaching a class would be fun. Looking forward to hearing more about that.

  4. Congratulations on your big status IS big!

    And I LOVE Praying in Color! Awesome.

  5. I love the praying in colour book, I hope you see these transformations come about this fall :-)

  6. From student to candidate... what a nice transition! Here's hoping it happens soon.

  7. Sound like there is lots of change and transformation on your horizon! and I love the picture of your dog!! He looks wonderful!

  8. I somehow missed the Praying in Color memo that everyone else is enthusiastic about. Thanks for introducing me to the concept.

  9. I love the "art prayer" idea! Considering my own struggles maintaining a discipline with a breviary, I might borrow your inspiration!

  10. What a cute dog! I agree, fall is the best time for dogwalking, followed by spring. Unfortunately the dog likes all four seasons equally! Your transformations sound very exciting and I should really get over my "the art gene passed me by" rap and look into this Praying in Color.


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