Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Poetry Party #21

Wow! It's Abbey of the Art's 21st Poetry here's my attempt:

Behind the red door
are secrets I'll never tell
memories good and bad
locked away

There are treasures there
broken hearts
failed dreams
shining moments
and instants that pierce my heart with joy

Sometimes I open the red door
and let the good stuff come out and play
Sometimes the bad stuff sneaks out and wreaks havoc
And sometimes I wonder what it would be like
to open the door, and leave it open
To air and share all the things
that make me who I am
and be


  1. Anne, thanks for your wonderful contribution to this week's Poetry Party. I love your closing wondering, good question indeed!

  2. depeche mode... haven't heard that in ages! made me smile while in the midst of "should i try to finish this sermon?" vs. "should i scrap it and start over?" haa haaa haa...

    red door - i can't help but think Elizabeth Arden. marketings got me...


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