Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Garden Update, or the great devastation

This is what I found when I came home:

Good thing I've got tomatoes, lots of tomatoes, although worm and beetle ate a lot of my yellow, low-acid plant. I've already been eating the cherry tomatoes, and I expect a bumper crop of Better Boy tomatoes in a couple of weeks. Right now I have lots of beautiful green tomatoes. The Roma plant has not done well; there are 2 pathetic looking tomatoes on the plant, but I have high hopes. And the peppers, as I've mentioned, are bad. But I'm thinking of planting eggplant where the squashes used to be (after a liberal application of WonderMutt-safe sevin dust).


  1. Our cucumbers are heading downhill fast. Ever seen little white spidery-looking things on yours? I have some research to do.

    Tomatoes are the Super Fantastic variety, simply because we liked the name. And they're all still green.

  2. garden = lots of hard work! eeek!... that's why the lazy hotcups didn't plant one... and we miss out on those fresh, juicy tomatoes for blts...


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