Monday, May 26, 2008

Time For a Puppy Poetry Party!

Christine at Abbey of the Arts shares this picture of her wonderful companion, Abbess Petunia, and this challenge:
my invitation to you for this week’s Poetry Party is to celebrate the gifts of being – what do you discover in those still spaces and holy pauses? Where are you invited to release the hold of doing and surrender to something much bigger?

Come on, come on, come on
beg limpid eyes and a streaming banner of a tail
run with me
play with me
be with me

Let's go, let's go, let's go
outside the fence, beyond the borders where we're free
live with me
dance with me
fly with me

Just be, just be, just be
flopped in the grass, panting and grinning, lord of all he sees
rest with me
watch with me
roll with me

Live now, live now, live now
be here, be present, be alive in this exact moment
no worries
no cares
no fears

Come on
Let's go
Just be
Live now

(Christine, as I write this at 10:15 on a gorgeous Memorial Day morning, my WonderMutt (whose name is Paraclete Duke, or Cletus) is still in my bed, giving himself over to rest. I think I could learn a lot from him!)


  1. Ironically enough, at 9:00 am here in Seattle, Petunia is still in bed too. :-)

    Love your poem Anne, you capture the eager voice of dog so perfectly and this line --"outside the fence, beyond the borders where we’re free" -- really moved me in particular.

    Blessings this day and thanks so much for your contribution!

  2. oooh i love puppies! i'm not much of a poet but i might, might just have to give in to this one... but how could i compete/compare with the wonder you've written there? oh yes in the world of pups there's no compare because in the world of pups, all is fair. ta-da!

  3. I love your last stanza particularly. I'm sure that's what I heard my dog Seamus saying to me when I checked on him on my way to work.


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