Friday, May 16, 2008

Grand Tour Friday Five

1) Favorite Destination -- someplace you've visited once or often and would gladly go again
I'd go back to Germany in a heartbeat, mostly because my friend Tonya is there. But Ben and I also love the mountains. I loved staying near Lake Lure, but we also love the Asheville and Boone areas. I need big water from time to time, but since my mom lives in Virginia Beach and we live here at the coast, that's a need easily satisfied.

2) Unfavorite Destination -- someplace you wish you had never been (and why)
If I were not a nice person, I could answer this one. But if you were to guess that it had something to do with an unpleasant family visit, you wouldn't be far wrong.

3) Fantasy Destination -- someplace to visit if cost and/or time did not matter
I'd like to do a grand tour of Europe, and visit some of the Celtic monastic sites, as well as Taize. And shop and sightsee, of course!

4) Fictional Destination -- someplace from a book or movie or other art or media form you would love to visit, although it exists only in imagination
Hmmm...the Last Homely House, the elves' (and Frodo and Bilbo's) destination at the conclusion of the Lord of the Rings. Or a stedding (from Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series). Or Narnia, during the reign of Susan, Peter, Edmund, and Lucy. The place where the night sky really looked as Van Gogh imagined.

5) Funny Destination -- the funniest place name you've ever visited or want to visit
Intercourse PA is sort of obvious, so I won't mention it. I'm fond of Whynot, NC, near Seagrove (which has groves of trees, but no sea)--and I'm always glad to go back there; that's the area where I collect pottery.


  1. I hear you on #2. Sorry it has to be that way.

  2. Why not? I wish I had thought of Embarrass, Minnesota (Near Climax). oh, well.

  3. Good play! I hadn't heard of either of those funny destinations...

  4. *giggles* hehehehehe.
    Your number 5 is so awesome.

  5. oooh collecting pottery... now that sounds like great fun!

  6. Oh, I sooo hear you on #2. Great play.

  7. oooh #3 fabulous, I'll come! Hear you on #2 also, sigh. Very tactful, BTW.

  8. Been to Taize. it is truely awesome. Go if you can. But it will be different without Brother Roger.

  9. I know that PA has lots of those funny named places. Great play!

  10. Lake Lure? Have you seen the HGTV Dream House (from last year or the year before)?

    I have been to Windy Gap twice, and Asheville briefly (like one day) and it was all beautiful!

    I don't know your story as these other commenters seem to, but I understand associating unpleasant family gatherings with where they took place. In fact, now that you've mentioned it, I have a place like that, too.


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