Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Another "Pome"--It's Poetry Party Time!

Christine at Abbey of the Arts has a new Poetry Party, and I'm only a couple of days late. Here's the image:

I confess I'm not much of a grown-up. I can hear Eddie Murphy's voice in my head (he voiced the donkey in the "Shrek" movies) and I keep thinking about puns using the a-word for donkeys. I'm going to make a real effort to grow up.

She's not an ugly duckling,
not exactly.
Knobby knees and short grey fur,
tall, with big ears and a braying laugh--
She just doesn't (quite) seem to fit in with the sheep.

She's not a misfit,
not exactly.
Long legs for speed, relatively speaking,
a big body and bigger voice,
She doesn't fit, she leads.

An ungainly gift,
a reminder that we don't always see with perfect clarity.
And where we wonder, we can grow.
I wonder what she thinks
about living with all those sheep?


  1. Thanks for this offering Anne, your poem made me smile and also asks me to think about what I do and do not see clearly in my life.

  2. you know my family has some sheep-ranchers and they have 2 donkeys amongst the sheep because the donkeys "job" is to kick away the coyotes. it works every single time... ow! ow! another coyote bites the dust... and the sheep live to tell the story.


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