Monday, March 31, 2008

A long overdue poetry party

Christine at Abbey of the Arts has issued another Poetry Party invite...and this time I'm in. The overdueness is all mine. I promised myself to do this as a sort of discipline, and then I've let too much get in the way. So here I am!

The sentinel a vigil keeps
watching while the dark world sleeps
blind to Love and Glory.
He each night writes the ancient story
and scribes for each day something new
until the damp of morning dew
stills his pen
and then
and then
He waits and waits to see
what God does next in you, and me.


  1. I very much like the direction your poem took. The rhymes fit in smoothly, and the whole tone is one of peaceful wonder.

  2. I like the direction this poem takes, the gentle rhythm and unobtrusive rhymes. It has a peaceful tone that's filled with wonder.

    I really like your (current) definition of faith too. If I may, I'd like to quote you.

  3. Thanks for the poem Anne, I love the image of writing the ancient story each night and pausing with the morning dew. So lovely!

  4. Share your joy in waiting for the Spirit to move! and even when we speak the wait to understand what was said in us!

    ~ kigen


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