Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Five Millionaire Edition

Singing Owl has a thought-provoking Friday Five this week:
Name 5 things you would do if a million dollar deposit appeared in your bank account.
"Roxanne" with Steve Martin's been on Oxygen the last couple of weeks, so here's my list:
1: Ethical: "Are you sure this money is mine? How much are the taxes?"
2: Practical: "Let's pay off all our debt."
3: Sentimental: "I want to go on vacation with Jamie, the Exceptional One. I guess the rest of my family can come, too."
4: Whimsical: "Here's some money for you, and a little for you, and a little for you. Go and do good things with it." Not the Big Give, just some serious sharing of the wealth.
5: Hesitant: "I guess we can vacation with your family, too."
6: Generous: "College funds & long term care trusts for Jamie and the parents."
7: Playful: "Hey, what would you do if I said we could take any trip together you want, or do any fun thing?"

I know, I'm a Christian, I'm supposed to give some away off the top. Eh. I would do that, and more than the tithe (this is found money, after all), but there are some practicalities to take care of first. And then the giving away can begin: enough to really help some folks, but not enough to overwhelm. It sounds like fun. When do I start?

A late addition, and a little bonus:


  1. Great play! I, too, love the idea of being able to just give without worrying about emptying the bank account!

  2. Love it! wonderful friday 5!

  3. oh, I like what you said about the Exceptional ONe. I'd like to do that, too. :)

  4. Great job! The way you organized it made me chuckle. :-D

  5. yeah when can we start spending? love your creatively worded answers...

    not let's see were we shopping today? oh no wait we are probably doing something much more altruistic weren't we? darn. cuz i need shoes for summer...

  6. Wacky, you did your completely different than everyone, including me. Good Play.

  7. Loved the way you did the catagories...I think I would allocate one million for each one **smile**


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