Monday, January 14, 2008

Life is good...and a little stressful...

Okay, what a weekend! Sr. pastor's been out because his wife had knee replacement surgery. A little complication this weekend, but I think she's over the worst of it. It was a bad weekend for her.
A good weekend for me, though. I wasn't in love with the sermon (posted below) but it was very well received. Sunday school with the middle schoolers went well; I'd like to do it more often than never but less often than weekly. And then there was the evening service. My voice started to go by the end of the worship team practice, which wouldn't have been a problem except I had to sing all those songs again, to a huge crowd. It made me very happy. A home group from another area church came by on a "field trip" to worship with us. I was pleased with the sermon, although I can't tell you now what I preached. Christ, and community, I'm certain, and I know that I meant to convey that being a Christian is hard work, not for the faint of heart, and that conversion does not automatically mean we will live a charmed life...but it is a good life, and we live it together, and that's exactly the message we need to share with those who have no church, and no community, and no Christ.
Anyway, it was a great service. The worship team was "on" and sang about the best they ever have. Everyone seemed to feel good, to be happy to be there. But I woke up sore and hoarse today!
I have a paper due the end of this week. I don't know when I'll get it done, or even how. I'm supposed to be collaborating with a classmate who is generally so far over my head in the class discussions that I feel lost all the time. But I'll do it, and it will be what it will be. So far, this class (on Christian Futuring) is as hard for me to grasp as reading tea leaves or crystal balls.
One of the RevGalBlogPals posted a marvelous quote about being under the loving gaze of God here. Go read it. It will be good for you! It was for me.

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