Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I need more tv or maybe less.

There's nothing on.
Seriously. It's primetime midweek and unless you like so-called reality tv, you're pretty much out of luck. I was hoping for a sit-com or a science-based drama (where is David Boreanaz when I need him?), but no, my choices are limited and scary.
Let me start by saying I have only basic cable. Yep, that's it: 3 shopping networks, 2 Spanish-language channels, and MTV2 (all blocked), the 4 big networks and We. That means my choices tonight are Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, American Idol, Power of 10, Wife Swap, and Janice Dickinson.
It's hard to escape in a little mindless frivolity when all the frivolity is crap. I don't like reality tv--can you tell? Have I made that clear yet? I will be glad when the reality tv fad is over. I remember when Stephen King's "The Running Man" came out--we all thought it was horrifying (the concept, not the movie with Ahh-nold). But "Fear Factor" and "Survivor" just about top it. Sure, no one's *trying* to kill the contestants, but it kind of looks that way.
It's enough to make me want to give up on tv entirely. But then there are the shows I really enjoy: CSI, Bones, NUMB3RS. I think that's about it.
At least Jericho is coming back soon.


  1. Big ditto--I like some reality tv, don't like crime shows, but the writers strike needs to end soon so there's something to watch!

    (hi sisr)


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