Friday, November 30, 2007

Vacation's almost over...

It was a short one, anyway.
I missed the hospital visit I meant to make, for a great reason: the patient had been transferred to rehab.
I spent about an hour (about all it really needed) at the Nasher Museum of Art in Durham with a friend. Unfortunately, she had to cut our visit short due to illness in her family.
I made it to Seagrove in great time, and started scoping out the goods. I got about 25% of my shopping done, then checked into the hotel and went out to dinner. Nice quiet evening with the TV.
Today, I went to who knows how many potteries. I love Seagrove pottery. It's a very old NC cottage industry, originally started from a confluence of events: an English settler said, "hey, that looks like clay from home," at about the same time the British were beginning to tax the daylights out of near 'bout everything sent to the colonies. And lo, a tourist trade was born. The pottery tradition nearly died out, but was revived in the first half of the 20th century with Asian influences. Big big fun. I bought myself these:

On the way back to the hotel, I stopped at the Pisgah Covered Bridge, one of only 2 remaining in NC, and it's no longer in use.

So tonight I'm having pizza in my room and repacking my treasures for the trip home, and planning tomorrow's attack. The Christmas shopping extravaganza is not ending yet, however, there are some treasures yet to pick up, and a stop in Smithfield for some stocking stuffing and maybe a little something for me (you never know). Oh, and I'm also watching "Polar Express". To misquote Ron White's dog Sluggo, "it's a good day, Tater."

I know there's a way to fix the formatting, but I can't figure it out tonight. Maybe later.


  1. Opted out would be more accurate. I was having such a good time discovering potteries I'd never been to before, and I wanted to see the bridge again.


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