Saturday, September 15, 2007

Puppy School

We've been talking kind of idly about going back to obedience classes with the WonderMutt. He is a good dog, generally, but I have this fantasy that one day we'll be outside, and I'll call his name, and he'll actually come to me. And he needs to learn some leash manners again...Ben doesn't walk him because the WonderMutt pulls him off balance. He's pretty tough for a smallish sort of dog.
So today we had our first class. Cletus is around 8 (hard to tell; he's a shelter rescue), so we're anxious to know if he will learn any new tricks. Pretty curious to know if we will, either. It actually went fairly well; he's easy to please, particularly when he knows I've got a treat in my hand. But Ben had some trouble with him.
So we'll have to see about how this goes. I'm hanging on to my dream of being able to let him off the leash every now and again (he even ran away at puppy school the first time, which we took as a sign). That will be a trick for a later class: 4 weeks of basic obedience probably won't work any miracles.

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