Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Roller Coaster week

It has been a roller coaster sort of week, and it's only Tuesday...whew!

So here's the up of it:
I have been accepted into the Doctor of Ministry program at Drew University, and will start sometime this fall. I will travel some and do most of my work online, which excites me immensely, because it means I won't have to travel as much as with some other programs. What I want to study is how United Methodism can speak to contemporary culture (postmodern) out of our distinctive heritage and theology to bring meaning into people's lives. I think the UMC's got something special to offer; now it's time to put my time (and money) into it.

And here's the down of it:
I have been accepted into the Doctor of Ministry program at Drew University. I'm kidding mostly, but when I started this process my stepmother wasn't so ill and I hadn't had my other piece of bad news.
So here it is: I've known for several years that I had polycystic ovary syndrome. It causes, among other things, infertility, weight gain, acne, blah blah blah. But now I've been diagnosed with insulin resistance, which often leads to diabetes and heart disease. I've known that this was a possibility, but I'm very unhappy about it. So now, instead of enjoying the challenge of going back to school, I've got to learn how to manage this new condition, when we've never really been able to manage the other very well. Just stress...but now I'm working with a team of doctors and a nutritionist to deal with this little complication.

Now, just like a roller coaster, all the stress and the emotional highs and lows come back eventually to "normal". And I'm okay...but it is just one more thing, and eventually I think I must run out of the capacity for one more things...but apparently not today.

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