Friday, July 27, 2007

Some Harry Potter reflections

This week's Friday Five made me think about the one a couple of weeks ago on Harry Potter, and my later post on the 5th movie. Here were my predictions for the new book, which I have read once and am rereading before passing along:
What I want to see resolved in "Deathly Hallows":
Snape either vindicated or revealed in all his evil glory

Well, perhaps he's vindicated, but not because he was a good person. His evilness was "tainted" by love for Lily Potter, and that kept him from being unredeemable. I still don't quite see him as an ally to Dumbledore and the Order.

Harry and Ginny's relationship
Well, I got a look into that for sure!

Neville Longbottom's coming into his own
I am so good! Neville even earned his grandmother's respect!

Are Sirius and Dumbledore really gone for good? It is, after all, a story about magic
Yes and no...they certainly made an appearance when needed. But they are in fact gone for good. It turns out okay, though, I guess. More about that later.

How can the twins' "novelty" magic help the cause?
It's in there! But I'm in deep mourning; my favorite twin did not survive.

Can Voldemort really be vanquished?
I knew there would have to be a twist of some sort, but I'm glad to know he's gone. But the cost, dear Harry: an Unforgiveable Curse. More than one over the course of the book, in fact, which reinforces my notion that here is a complicated hero who is forced to make hard choices, and not simply the pure one who conquers by never making mistakes or having to do the needful yet wrong thing.

What's Luna's role in the story, and what about Moaning Myrtle--surely we'll see her again?
Go Luna! Good to learn about her father, too. And that why Ron and Hermione went to the bathroom? Can't wait to reread that bit and figure it out.

Will Harry have to somehow absorb some of Voldemort to get rid of him? Remember, the evil one used Harry's blood to take corporeal form a part of Harry's in Voldemort. In order to resolve the story, might Harry not have to take to himself a part of You-Know-Who?
Called it again, didn't I? Harry had a piece of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named with him all along, and that's the connection that had to be broken so that one could live and the other die. And a little redemption for Malfoy, but I need to reread that little bit of magical logic again, too.

So far I really enjoyed the book. I hated to see so many good friends die, and I'm not at all blind to the similarities between Teddy Lupin and Harry Potter. Guessing Victoire will tie that together in the not-to-be-written-future, huh?

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