Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bonus! The Friday Fives

Yay! There are two options this week, so here goes:

Option 1: Accio Friday Five!

1. Which Harry Potter book is your favorite and why?
So hard to choose; I think maybe Prisoner of Azkaban because Harry gets to know his parents a bit through Sirius and also begins to realize that he's growing his own family around him with the Weazleys, Hermione, etc.

2. Which character do you most resemble? Which character would you most like to get to know?
I don't resemble any of them...maybe Neville sometimes. But I have to admit I've got a little crush on the Weazley twins.

3. How careful are you about spoilers?
b) eh, I'd rather not know what happens, but I'm not going to commit Avada Kedavra if someone makes a slip
I prefer the surprise of finding out for myself, but it doesn't ruin the book for me. Half the fun's the little stops along the way. May be forced to reach the end of Deathly Hallows out of an insatiable desire to know if Harry and Ginny ride off into the sunset.

4. Make one prediction/share one hope about book 7.
I predict we'll see Dumbledore again, and Fawkes will again somehow save the day.

5. Rowling has said she's not planning any prequels or sequels, but are there characters or storylines (past or future) that you would like to see pursued?
More about the twins, of course. And what might Ron and Hermione's children be like?

Option 2: Please Mommy, Anything But Those Blankety-Blank Books!

And we do mean anything:

1. Former U.S. First Lady "Lady Bird" Johnson died this week. In honor of her love of the land and the environment, share your favorite flower or wildflower.
My all time favorite is the alstroemeria lily (white or cream; you can keep the yellows and pinks), closely followed by the snapdragon.

2. A man flew almost 200 miles in a lawn chair, held aloft by helium balloons. Share something zany you'd like to try someday.
It wouldn't be zany for everyone, but I'd love to dye my hair some really festive color...I just don't want to live with the growing out or consequences of showing up in my straight-laced church with really festive-colored hair. Yeah, I know, I'm chicken. Maybe I can make it a youth thing and go purple for the Relay for Life...hmmm...

3. Do you have an iPhone? If not, would you want one?
No, and no. Too much tech for me. Besides, look how much time I waste online already. Just imagine if I could carry it all around with me.

4. Speaking of which, Blendtec Blenders put an iPhone in one of their super-duper blenders as part of their "Will It Blend?" series. What would YOU like to see ground up, whizzed up or otherwise pulverized in a blender?
Good thing the question's not "who would you like to see". About half the time I'd pitch the tv; the rest of the time I'm loving the DVR.

5. According to News of the Weird, a jury in Weld County, Colo., declined to hold Kathleen Ensz accountable for leaving a flier containing her dog's droppings on the doorstep of U.S. Rep. Marilyn Musgrave, apparently agreeing with Ensz that she was merely exercising free speech. What do you think? Is doggy doo-doo protected by the First Amendment?
I'm not sure really bad behavior should be protected, and I think that perhaps vandalism might be a more appropriate term than protected free speech. That said, there's a wondermutt here trying to help me write who'd be glad to contribute a missive or two to certain politicians and the occasional rude person. Good thing I'm better mannered than that.


  1. well played both.... love the romantic Potter thoughts and possible endings.... as for bad behaviour not being protected- with you all the way...

  2. i know just what you mean about those Weasley twins... and the actors cast are just as adorable as they should be.

    I also have a think about making my hair pink or purple... but most days I decide the church I'm serving wouldn't be crazy about it!

    Well played!



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