Tuesday, July 10, 2007

a little lectionary musing...

Thoughts about preaching the Good Samaritan text from Luke this week:
I owe many thanks to the RevGalBlogPals site for today's lectionary musing post.
grcgrl suggested "Would you be my neighbor?" as a title, which I love along with the nod to the departed Fred Rogers. His neighborhood was inclusive and someone would always have stopped to help...maybe there's something to that idea from Gladwell (that 'rushing' often stops us from helping someone in need). Maybe "stop and smell the roses" isn't a platitude but a life-choice that helps us see our neighbor in need under our noses rather than staring blindly up toward heaven. There's something to be said for engaging in the Kingdom right here on earth instead of relgating it to some far-off fact, I think Jesus said some stuff about that. Now I want to preach...but as a lowly associate, it's not my turn.

(actually it is; I'm preaching this text Sunday night)

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