Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sick puppy

The wondermutt was not feeling well last night.
He came in the house going ninety to nothin' (fast, for people who don't speak Alabaman...I'm bilingual) and ran straight for the bed. I was flattered as this put me in the hierarchy above the "cookie" he gets when he comes least I was flattered until he threw up all over my bed. Multiple times.
I mentioned to Ben that perhaps we'd sleep better if the big dog spent the night in the bathroom, on the nice, cool, easy to clean vinyl floor, but that just wouldn't do. Ben said, "I don't want him to feel bad all by himself. It might make him sad. I'll feel better if he stays in the bed with us." So stay he did, but today he's at the vet, and apparently doing fine (yes, I checked).
We're trying to get ready for Annual Conference, which means laundry and packing and trying to be sure the house is fit to leave, no small task given that since I hurt my back, I haven't done a whole lot in the way of cleaning. But everyday things get a little better, and I'm able to do a little more. A night like last night, where we generated vast quantities of dirty towels and bedclothes in a hurry, really puts the brakes on our progress. But the comforter is at the cleaners', and I can do more laundry tonight, and we're getting there. I'm just tired, here lately, a lot to process and to do...I'm looking at Doctor of Ministry programs, and there's Annual Conference to contend with, and summer brings its own busy-ness, belied by the reduced meeting schedule...but I'm still having fun.
Someone asked me Sunday if the fact that I have preached 2 out of the last 3 Sundays is a sign that they should be worried about Moving Day. I appreciate the sentiment, but I think we're safe for now...we have worked hard at letting the DS know that we are very happy where we are, and that there should be no moves in Beaufort or at First in MHC. They are free to surprise us, but truthfully, we've emphasized the churches' need for stability, and maybe that will have as much or more weight than our own desires.
Don't know if I'll post from conference or not...we're supposed to be wireless, but I don't know how much bandwidth we'll have. Guess we'll see what happens!

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