Saturday, June 16, 2007

Deep breathing exercises

Again, this has been a tedious conference...and here it is almost 2 pm and the annual conference that usually ends about lunchtime is still plowing along.
Last night we dealt with a bunch of resolutions and settled them and we're still electing clergy delegates to jurisdictional conference.
We've just set next year's conference for June 18-21.
I do like having an internet year I need to sit closer to an outlet.
It's been a frustrating year because our Clergy Counseling and Consultation Service budget was cut. This service provides counseling to clergy and clergy families, and I can see where we might want to ask clergy to make co-payments to help cover the expense, although I can easily see where that could be cost-prohibitive and create a disincentive for clergy and their families to seek help. The greater issue for me is that the service also provides consultation services to clergy, so that if we have a question or a problem that is beyond our ability to handle or our knowledge base (an issue facing the congregation or an individual or family) we can ask the director of the service.
I've used the service on behalf of others, and on my own behalf, several times. In the past year, I've probably used 5-6 hours, at least of the director's time, all on the phone. I'm not sure how the CCCS could bill for that, and I don't believe it's fair to ask the members or congregations to pay...or to ask me to pay. And we've got to figure out how to handle this, or at least the CF&A does.

(late update (now that I've charged the battery))
Conference went until 5 pm...we've made the CCCS office expense an Advance special, meaning we can raise money for it through the conference.
I'm tired.
Very tired.
Going to bed now.

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