Wednesday, April 11, 2007

All right...time to cough up a little dough...

Yes, it's Relay for Life time. Don't know what the Relay is? It's a nationwide event to raise awareness and funds for cancer research. Teams of people get together to raise money and show their support by walking...all night. Fortunately, we take it in turns, so no one person has to walk the whole time.
How can you help? If you are in Carteret County, you can join Team Ann Street UMC for more information.
Can't walk or too far away to join the team? There's plenty for you to do, too.
You can go online to my very own page(just click on the green text). There you can donate online or print off a form you can mail in with your donation.
Just so you know, here's my reason to Relay: I lost both of my maternal grandparents and a very special uncle to cancer, so it's personal. I want to help find a cure, and since I'm not a researcher, this is how I can help.
I've set a very low fundraising goal of $100. Please help me exceed it!

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