Friday, March 2, 2007

What a week!

It's been a bit more than typically busy this week. Eric was out sick, this is the last week before the start of the new service, and the carpet guys were back yesterday. And I had a migraine Monday night, which made Tuesday a bit of a challenge (I wore sunglasses most of the day).
But an end is in sight. Eric was back in the office today, and while we had decided on Wednesday that I would preach this week, he offered today to preach, and I let him. I was really struggling for something to preach about. This week we have a baptism and also will celebrate Preschool Sunday, where we extend a special invitation to the families of the children in the preschool program to come to the church. The children will sing a few songs, and I will have the children's sermon with a real crowd; last I heard there are 17 families coming that are not church members, as well as a couple of families that are. The kids are used to coming over each week for Chapel Talks in the sanctuary, so they are familiar with and comfortable in our worship space. And we'll have the opportunity to plug the new worship service, which is good.
So in addition to all that, Ben's mother, who is nearly 80, was so debilitated by an outbreak of shingles that she was having to have her friends stay with her in Alabama 24/7. She did not tell her children this; we knew she was sick but we had no idea she was that weak. Instead a friend called Ben's brother on Wednesday to tell him that someone needed to come care for Mary Lou or she'd have to be hospitalized. Since then, she has improved somewhat, but we don't think she'll ever go back to her home again, at least not to live. There's a place for her at a retirement facility but it's basically an independent living thing, and right now she's not able to care for herself enough to go there. And assisted living means Medicaid, which we'd all like to avoid at this point. We're basically waiting for the phone call telling us when to go to AL and help pack up the house and dispose of her things.
So here's where I am this week: no time to read, a new worship service less than 2 days from its start, and I'm tired. But, I went out on a date with Ben tonight: a double feature of our own making, "Music and Lyrics" and "Wild Hogs". It was fun, and nice to go do something that was just for us. Tomorrow I'm committed to rest and housecleaning, which will be a good thing. And Sunday's the big day!

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