Sunday, March 4, 2007

This is the day!

This is it...tonight we have the first one of our new contemporary worship services. At 7pm we'll find out if all our advertising and word of mouth "buzz" has done any good. I know we've got some great suppport from the church, but it's the unfamiliar faces I'm really hoping to see.
We're as ready as we can be; the last worship team practice is at 1:30 this afternoon, my lunch is ready (can't face today without one good meal) and I even have a volunteer worship designer who is coming to help set up our worship area. The powerpoint's done, the custodian's going to be setting up chairs this afternoon, and we've got nametags for our greeters and those who want them. If only I could settle down just a bit--I'm nervous. It's happy excited butterflies nervous, but nervous nonetheless.
Hopefully late this evening I'll be able to post some photos and an update about how all this has gone.

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