Tuesday, March 13, 2007

It's good to be back

Okay, so here's the ski trip scoop:
The trip had a couple of very minor hitches that were very easily resolved. Was it ideal? No, it was warmish (60s) and we took too much stuff: too many clothes (except for mine, which never made it on the bus, but that's why God made Wal-Mart), way too much food (a good problem to have with a pack of ravening teenagers) and more games and movies than we could watch (see the last parenthetical comment).
But, we all got home safe and sound, with no major injuries (scrapes and bruises don't count) and no discipline issues that really mattered. The policy, incidentally, was for the second offense to require the "sinner" to sit with me, have his/her nails painted (I brought blue and pink) and hair braided and watch chick-flick movies, unless I felt that was something they would enjoy, and then we'd do something else. It must have been a good threat, because I didn't have so much as a time-out with any of them.
I can't say that I'm ready to go again, exactly, my spine really objects to the bus ride...but would I take our kids again, knowing that they enjoyed it this time? You bet!

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