Sunday, January 21, 2007

Stuff I think

I keep trying to convince Ben that he needs to start a blog called “stuff I think”. He’s already telling me all this random stuff, and there’s bound to be someone else out there interested in all the strange stuff Ben comes up with to wonder about.
Unfortunately today Ben’s thoughts are pretty heavy. He called me at church tonight to tell me that he ran over a little cat on the way home from church. It just ran out in front of his car and there was no way to avoid it, and there was nothing he could do. He did go back to check on it, but it was dead. It just made him feel sick (me, too). We’re just hoping that someone’s not waiting for their little fur baby to come home tonight…it breaks our hearts.
Other stuff I’m thinking about today: I wish the Saints had won their game this afternoon. It’s been such an amazing and complicated year in New Orleans as the city continues to recover from Katrina and its aftermath…the team’s success has been a big morale-booster and has attracted some positive attention to the area. On the other hand, Lovie Smith is now going to be the first African-American NFL coach to go to the Super Bowl…a first that’s long overdue. Honestly, the things we keep count of, and are still astonished by. I’m watching Tony Dungee’s Colts struggle against the Patriots now, and hoping that their second half play is better than the first…I’d love to see the Colts play the Bears, guaranteeing that the next milestone, an African-American coach winning the Super Bowl, is met this year as well.

The second half was awesome...the Colts were on fire, and they couldn't be stopped. Now I'm ready for the Super Bowl!

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