Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The problem with Lenten Disciplines

Questions about Lent for today:
If Sunday is a feast day, do I only have to make 3 blog posts a week to satisfy the commitment I made to myself?
If I've already blown it in the first week why bother?

Seriously, it's only been a week since I sat at the computer with great intentions. Since then I've done a funeral and been nearly run out of the office by workers helping us get the building back up to full speed so we can return to the sanctuary for worship, hopefully on March 27.
It's been insane around here!
Another beloved church and community member's health is failing, and so I'm not sure I won't have another funeral this Saturday, making the streak 3 weeks in a row. Sucks, as I've mentioned in a previous post.
The hammering and sawing has been going on here in service of repairing some bad wiring, restoring power to the rest of the building, and putting in the alarm system. Tomorrow, the carpet guys start laying the new carpet in the sanctuary.
The LOGOS children will be helping lead worship on Sunday, and I've been working to get them ready.
And I don't spend any time at home, it seems. Monday I got home after 9 pm, and it's 7:30 now and I'm still here.
I don't think I should beat myself up over missing a blog post. I've certainly *thought* about it, which is really the point of this exercise. And if God is gracious, I think I'll extend that same grace to myself.
Phew. Glad that's little exercise in rationalization is over.
The real challenge is to metaphorically get back on the horse and try to blog four times next week, and to remember why I'm making this attempt: in part to reestablish the habit of blogging, and more importantly, to think through some of the theological issues around Lent.

'nuff said for now, I think.

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