Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's only 12 days late...Ben's Bucket List

Ben has a bucket list. I probably should, but I really don't.
One of the items on the list was to do one of the New Year's Day jump-in-the-cold-water events, so this January 1, we went to Atlantic Beach for the Penguin Plunge. Photos are posted below, for your viewing pleasure. Or something.

And no, I did not go in the water. It's not my bucket list, and besides, I took that little swim in the Newport River in October. I'm good.
And as for the costume, costumes are encouraged. We put all of 90 seconds worth of thought into this one, and Ben had occasion to be grateful that I accumulate a lot of crafty-type stuff for later use. That muslin came in handy!

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