Wednesday, October 13, 2010

a quick catch-up post

So many things going on...
I will soon post necklace pics. I honestly have barely sat down in days, and I've got a ton more to do. But I will. And the decoupaged clipboards are desperately cute. For reals.
Went to Duke's Convocation and Pastors' School this week. Big win, for my money. NT Wright was the first lecturer, and maybe I'll post my notes when I get them cleaned up. My track record's pretty poor lately, so I'm not promising. The workshop was on using the church's and community resources to help people...I've got lots of great notes to share with our Loaves and Fishes ministry. And Tuesday's speakers...well, Andy Crouch was truly amazing. I've downloaded his book on cultural change, and hope to get those notes transcribed before too long. And then there was Rob Bell. I've had some theological issues with Rob Bell, and so I was really curious to hear him. Here's what I think: He's a great speaker, very engaging and entertaining. And I appreciated the intent of what he had to say. I think he's very passionate and very committed. But I found his delivery to be a little self-conscious and I was a little concerned that an example that he repeated a couple of times was actually at cross-purposes to a point he was trying to make. Sigh. I'd listen to him again, and I still would use the videos, for example, but I'd want to be sure I had plenty of time for discussion. Basically, Andy Crouch, epic win.
I will be writing occasionally for our annual conference's Faith and Technology blog. Any suggestions?

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