Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday 5: Just a Job edition

Says kathrynzj over at the RevGals site:
Greetings Friends!

This week, despite substantial planning, the staff here has been reeling a bit from the wave of fall start-up programming combined with conversations looking towards Advent and Christmas. There is a lot to be excited about (Children's Choir sounded great!), but there are also some things that we just have to suck it up and get through (didn't we just do Officer Training last year?).

So for today's Friday 5 I thought we'd hit on the things that give us energy in ministry and the things that take it away:
1) What are a few of the tasks that you find tedious/energy sucking in your ministry position? Please note I said 'tasks' not people :)
This is a question our DS has added lately to our evaluations, which makes it all the more difficult to tell him that the charge conference reporting is a big part of that. Having a terrific administrative secretary helps with that immensely. And since I'm not the senior pastor, I'm sheltered from a lot of the administrative stuff that I don't enjoy. And usually it's not so bad, but this year the concern over the budgeting is really getting to our finance committee.
2) Is there anything you could do to make one of them better?
There's definitely a practice effect to the administrative stuff. I find it more draining now because I don't do it on a regular basis. My plan for now is to stay put, and hope that when the time comes for me to move, that there's another great secretary. :)
3) What are a few of the tasks that you find energizing in ministry?
I love to teach almost anything. I teach a morning Bible study each week, I teach worship skills to all the kids in our LOGOS after school program, and I taught UMW women how to make scrabble tile and glass tile pendants as well as cute office sets (clipboard, pen, purse-sized pad, and binder clips, all matching) this week. All of which were great fun. The UMW items are for the Fall Festival at the end of the month, and if anyone's interested, let me know. Unsold items will be placed on etsy after Nov.1.
4) If given a quarterly spiritual day, how would you want to spend it?
At Avila, a Catholic retreat center north of Durham, NC, in contemplation and maybe some light work, for the winter/spring days. Summer and fall, I'd love to pack a bag of snacks and books (aka Kindle) and take the kayak out to one of the barrier islands. Again, contemplation and light work, both physical and spiritual.
5) If given a quarterly spiritual day, how would you actually spend it?
Probably catching up on the spiritual discipline of "sleepcio." I am a pretty high-energy person, working in a very high-energy parish, which means that I sometimes don't get enough rest.
BONUS: What would your Dream Ministry job include?
Plans for a sabbatical or study leave periodically. I'd love to be able to take a couple of weeks at a time to go sit at the feet of some of the people I consider to be formative to my faith and practice of ministry, and to meet some new ones.< I'd particularly like to schedule a week a year with my Drew classmates so we can continue the work we've begun.


  1. "sleepcio" - love it!

    And I like that you named the practice of something being a key to it becoming more manageable. Thank you for playing!

  2. I'd love to see your scrabble and other pendants. Can you post some pictures?

  3. i'd love to know how to make the scrabble & glass cuties you've described! very cool ~ and yes plz let me know more ! thx :))
    i like your drm ministry idea too..

  4. i like the idea of you making time for your classmates... because i think it speaks well to our need for community. we are who we are, because in part of who we are around...

  5. The necklaces are finally up! They have a post of their own. If it's not the top right now, try searching UMW necklace, and they will come up.


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