Sunday, September 12, 2010

Quick update, or victory from the jaws of defeat

reasons why it could have been a bad weekend:
we did not get the house fully unpacked or even clean before dad's visit
I broke one of the 2 clips that keep my seat in position in the kayak on Friday evening
I broke the other clip at some point in a trip that included not being able to go where we wanted to go (I'm so spoiled by all the sheltered water here that I didn't pay close attention to wind & tides, as they don't matter most places I go)
for the first time, I turned the boat over
I never learned how to get back in (again, sheltered--and shallow--water bring my usual haunt)
I lost my Off clip-on in the river
I had a migraine Saturday night that started as we were putting the boats back onto Dad's suv for the trip home
reasons why it wasn't:
gravity works. Even without the right mounting system, and having broken 2 sets of cable ties holding my seat in place, once I got in the boat again and got settled, it didn't budge
the water was nice and warm and I was never frightened. A little curious as to how it was all going to turn out while I was in the water, but I was never scared.
Some great guys who were out fishing came and helped me back into the kayak. They offered to pull us into the shallows and would have brought us both in, but they were very kind, and I got back in the boat with no further incidents
I paddled around an area I'd wanted to explore but hadn't, because Ben doesn't like me to go alone where I'm not in (again) sheltered, shallow water
The stars lined up right, and when I realized the migraine was coming on, I had time to call Ben, have him call our physician, and have the physician call me in a prescription. I even had time to take the first pill before things got too bad.
Meh. It was fun. I really enjoyed being out on the water. I rarely stay out too long because I get bored or run out of safe water, so even with the unintended swim, I had a good time. There were lots of opportunities for the trip to turn out poorly, but I wasn't in the mood to be unhappy. I'm not sore, I can replace the broken clips, and I've got another trip to plan for the next time Dad comes down.
Guess it's all in how you look at it!
ps-plus the Redskins won against Dallas tonight. That makes me very happy, and I can't remember the last time it happened.

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