Sunday, May 23, 2010

Confession: there's a little geek in me

I admit it, I've got an inner geek. I love gadgets and sci-fi and nearly all things Joss Whedon, and it makes me happy to know that what I consider his best work, Firefly and Serenity (check 'em out on Hulu) lives on in the hearts of his fans. I just read on Wired that fans have created a feature length movie with high production values in Browncoats: Redemption.
Now I just need to find my way to one of the conventions where they will be showing it. Wonder how my husband (and my church) might take that?


  1. If it is after the first "100" days I will gladly carry your bags to one of those conventions.

  2. oh of course you adore all things geeky... you're now a doctor right? *tee hee* congrats! tail thumps from the napping pups... it's h.o.t. here today and they are sore tired...


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