Friday, January 29, 2010

F5: Social Media edition

From KathrynZ J over at the RevGals site:
I had the joy of spending time with Songbird last weekend, someone I would have never met had it not been for the blogosphere. Now we keep in touch using a large variety of methods: blog (hers a lot, mine not so much lately), facebook, twitter, text messaging, chat and email. So far there has been no skype.

It got me to thinking of the pros and cons of these relatively new means of communication and interconnecting and so I ask you the following:

1) What have been the benefits for you of social networking (blog, twitter, facebook, etc...)
Keeping in touch with people, like my bff in Germany, and meeting new people. I've been a slow adopter for some of it, but it made my time in NJ (and since) with my classmates more fun, too!
2) Which medium do you use the most? Or if you use them all, for what do you use each of them?
Facebook and Twitter for keeping up with church folks and friends. And then there's this blog, which has helped me keep my head on straight sometimes.
3) If you could invent a networking site (with no limits on your imagination), what would it provide? What would it not provide?
I really wouldn't...I'd like to continue using the ones we have. Twitter's great for quick announcements and uppdates; we're using FB groups with our youth and young adults; and we're exploring using blogs to provide more/better content about the church and its programs. Basically, we have most of the features I'd's just a question of helping people learn to use them and see the potential.
4) Who have you met that you would not have met if it were not for the 'miracle' of social networking?
Well, "met" is a relative turn. The other revanne comes to mind, although I've not officially met her...I got her email one day because her address is so similar to mine, and sent it on to her. Now I follow her blog. Also, hotcup, whom I've not met in person but exchanged little gifties with.
5) Who do you secretly pray does not one day try to 'friend/follow' you?
I think I'll keep my secrets...but so far, I've been safe. And I've blocked or ignored a few people. It's hard because you always want people to think well of you, but I have enough drama in my life. I'm not adding the potential for any more right now.
BONUS: What was the most random/weird/unsettling/wonderful connection you made that would not have happened if it were not for the ease of which we can find each other in the computer realm?
You know, it's been great fun to keep up with friends from college that I had otherwise lost touch with. I've changed a lot since then, and it's fun to meet people again and see how they've changed too.


  1. Good responses, thank you for playing.

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  3. Your new layout (or whatever one would call it) looks great!


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