Thursday, January 7, 2010

And the search goes on...

We narrowed our choices down from about 20 places for Ben's mom to about 3, which is a pretty impressive piece of work if you ask me. We have a clear preference; it will be interesting to see which place she ends up at. There are dynamics to moves like this that we don't know anything about...we were just the scouting team. So we have some notes to put together and make coherent and then send them on...still hoping she can find not just a place to live but a home.
In other notes, we are hoping for snow tonight. Schools are already delayed tomorrow morning, just in anticipation of something ranging from light rain to up to an inch of snow. The forecasting gets tricky at the coast. I'm voting for 3 inches of sound-effect snow, myself, but only if everyone promises to stay home. We do NOT know how to drive in snow 'round here.
And we saw Avatar in 3d last night. Very cool, although I kept saying to myself, "Ferngully!" As Ben pointed out, it's not the most original plot, but the details really made the difference to me, as did the extended theme about belonging. I confess, I wasn't terribly impressed with the major 3D effects, but that changed when I started watching sparks floating around me to make sure they weren't going to land on me. All in all, a good movie, and I really loved the cgi stuff. I want a dragon of my own!

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