Tuesday, December 1, 2009

why I couldn't sleep the other night

I have had a terrible cold. Just as I was starting to get better, I picked up some little bug and now have asthmatic bronchitis. Lucky me. Fortunately I was too impatient to do my usual "wait-and-see" and saw the doctor today. Now I have steroids to deal with the constriction caused by the asthma and high-powered antibiotics to kill whatever cootie has colonized my lungs. Ugh.
The good news is that I don't feel too bad. I'm not as run-down as I could be and while the house is a wreck and my blog is neglected, apparently these strategies have kept me from my usual pattern of working to exhaustion then getting sick because I've depleted my immune system. Yeah, right.
I'm not up to all my usual Christmas fun this year. I've only made one batch of cookies so far. I have treats planned for the last choir practice before the cantata, but they are not up to my usual standards. I'm doing cereal mix, a personal favorite, and a pumpkin dump cake. That's such a not-glamorous name for a buttery crunchy-topped custardy treat, but so be it. Last year I made several different things...but at this point, cooking is at the bottom of my list.
I have, however, managed to get some crafting in, mostly in the guise of church work. I am, in fact, that good. :) Our UMW is planning a craft bazaar, so I've shared a bunch of things with them and am working on demo-ing some others. I've even got the kids in our after school program making Christmas ornaments in Bible study tomorrow. Snicker. I spent some time today seeing if I could figure out how to make them, so I can teach the kids. As a bonus, I should have a really pretty office by the time I've hung my samples everywhere.
So I'm all right, although I have a terrible sounding cough and I'm wheezing, which I hate. Oh well, I'll give the meds a day or things will be better then. They better be--I'm preaching Sunday!

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