Friday, December 18, 2009

F5 I am such a slacker

I can't believe it's been so long since I've blogged. I honestly thought it was only one week. Sigh.
So here's this week's Friday Five, offered by Jan at the RevGals:

Christmas traditions vary from family to family and from regions afar. I've been pleased that my oldest son's wife AA loves to be with our family for Christmas, though I don't think we do anything out of the ordinary. It helps that DC has one brother and two sisters to liven up our home.

Since I finally decorated the Christmas tree and have started baking Christmas cookies, I am thinking of Christmas only being one week away.

So for this Friday Five, tell us five things about the traditions in your family. Think of

* traditions you always do
* traditions you always cook or eat
* traditions you would like to start
* traditions you would like to discard
* anything about your family Christmases

Hmmmm...this is the year of changes. I always bake a lot of cookies and make a lot of candies to give away. This year I've done neither. I (almost) always spend at least part of Christmas Day with my family, and I will get to do that this year (yay!) even if it is only an overnight trip.
We almost always have turkey, and cookies, and cereal mix. Mashed potatoes with cheddar cheese on top, and dressing are perennial faves, and who knows what else will be on the table? That's part of the fun!
I would like to start/go back to giving handmade ornaments each year. I've done it a few times, but I rarely give myself enough time.
There's nothing I want to discard...I love Christmas--except maybe the not being with my family on Christmas Eve, or being able to see the Exceptionals open gifts. Can you discard a negative?
We've always had sort of multiple Christmases since I was a child...much like this year, there's Christmas with Mom and Christmas with Dad. When I was still living at home, there was also Christmas dinner with my aunt's family. Good times. That whole family meal has migrated to Christmas Eve, and I miss it.


  1. The changes of life, leaving some traditions behind, finding new other ones...this will be a different one for us too - our daughter won't be here with us...sigh..

  2. Prayers that all will be well, and you will be blessed, even in the changes.

  3. making ornaments. Wish I had time for the things I wanted to make...

  4. i too wonder sometimes about how would it be to be with family on christmas eve... *sigh* i guess that's where making myown traditions comes in... this year it'll be a chocolate-peppermint martini and my feet up after midnight mass!

  5. We, and our "kids" (25, 29, 34 right now)are at that stage of our lives where each year is going to be different for a's good to remember that some things don't change, but some things can and that's OK.


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