Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Five Livesaver Edition

From KathrynZJ:
In honor of BE Three I thought I'd offer up a Friday Five of lifesavers. I'm going on our cruise (are you?) because I am excited about meeting up with my blogging buddies again, I am interested in the speaker and because when I went on the first one my life was saved (okay, that may be a little over-dramatized but if you saw me getting on the boat and then the difference when getting off the boat you would know of what I speak).

I don't expect - or need - another life saving moment but I want to support the conference.

Of course lifesavers can come in all sizes and with far less drama. I would readily admit that I have considered a person (children's sermon substitute), the location of a bathroom, and a beverage (the last diet coke in the back of the fridge - score!) all to be lifesavers at one point or another.

And so today I ask you - dramatic or fairly common - what have been/are your lifesavers:

1) Your lifesaving food/beverage.
In the past it was Dr. Pepper. I haven't had any in over two years, but like any soda addict, I still crave it. Chocolate, though, is my real life-saver. As my senior pastor commented (again) yesterday, even though I'm off caffeine as much as possible, if I were to give up both coffee and chocolate, no one would want to be near me.

2) Your lifesaving article of clothing.
Depends on the moment. Chilly morning: my new hooded toggle sweater jacket. Warm morning: sandals and t-shirts. When my back's bad, as it has been this week: Crocs.

3) Your lifesaving movie/book/tv show/music.
Oh, there are many of these. The Lord of the Rings and the Wheel of Tim let me lose myself when I need to (book 12 is on my desk...W00T!). The Message, when I need God to speak to me in simple words and phrases. Chris Rice and Rich Mullins, as always, for music. Movies: too many to count. I find wisdom in a lot of them. "About a Boy" and "The Dark Crystal" come to mind.

4) Your lifesaving friend.
This is easy: Tonya. Even when the distance between us is measured in thousands of miles, as it has been for the last 5 years, one phone call is all it takes to remember how close we are. She was here last week--lots of fun, lots of playtime, and lots of shopping! Just the therapy I needed.

5) Your lifesaving moment.
My classmates threw me a lifeline last night. I am way behind on my dissertation and planning to use part of my vacation (starting Monday, yay!) as a writing retreat. There's no real reason for me to be struggling except it's been a very stressful summer and fall. So last night, via email, we started to plan a get-together in January. It may fall through, but I was so happy that they were willing to come to Beaufort. It was just the morale boost I needed! And I hope we can work it out. I didn't realize how isolated I was feeling (and yes, I did it to myself, but still...) and they made it all better with just a few emails. If you read this (TW, for example), know I love you guys, and you really did save me last night.


  1. Love the classmate story! The *only* reason a good friend and I finished our dissertations was we met every couple of weeks to trade chapters and encourage each other. More help than we got from our advisers sometimes!

  2. Prayers that you manage that get together, I am behind on my dissertation too... maybe I'll take your advice and start a get together plan with some class mates!

  3. Blessings on your buddies, I know just how wonderful it is when that lifeline is tossed to you. My "gang," with whom I will spend next week, is making this getaway possible. My husband and I are so broke right now and I am in desperate need of this getaway therapy. One friend is paying my airfare, one my ticket to Disney, and the other the hotel while in Orlando (we're spending three days there). Although the financial aid is a real boost, being with them will be what restores me.

    Here's to January! And good luck with your writing.

  4. I know that feeling of isolation made by my own decision...sigh. Glad your friends are giving support and motivation!

  5. Thanks for playing. I hope your vacation is fruitful and yes, even restful.

  6. so grateful and happy that your pals circled the wagons for you!! perhaps that glimmer of hope will get you through the push ahead, and you can navigate those writing rutts with ease!... prayers for you.


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