Thursday, September 17, 2009

what we did to the WonderMutt

I let Ben finally talk me into having the dog groomed. This year has been a particularly bad one for shedding, and he has had lots of mats, the trimming of which left him looking a little ragged behind the ears and around the "horsefeathers" on his back legs. I dropped him off this morning with the groomer (at the vet, since he pitched a fit at PetSmart last week) with instructions to just clean him up a little bit. One bath, nail trim, and grooming visit later, he looks...well, here's the before:

and here's the after pics. He looks ridiculous!


  1. oh poor guy... he looks like a little lion... a little naked lion. woof...

    glad you enjoyed the giftie... woulda thrown in some doggie treats if ida known how traumatic things were for the dog... hee hee

  2. Are you sure you sure they gave you the same dog???Catherine

  3. I'm pretty sure he is the same dog; he acts the same. But we did have to adjust his collar smaller.
    The lion analogy is can't really see the pekingese in him now, but that's how he sits in the a lion surveying his turf.

  4. I can't believe I'm just now coming around to catch up on blog reading, and seeing these pics of Cletus! Wow, what a difference!

    I was tempted to have Tuesday shaved a month or so ago, but I was afraid she'd wind up sunburned or something.

  5. Bless his heart! He'll probably be more comfortable without those mats, though. Keep telling him it will grow back!

  6. It will grow back, and faster than you think! Poor li'l guy.


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