Tuesday, June 30, 2009

On the road again again

This week I am in New Jersey for another class. This one is on Collaborative Leadership, for which I had very high hopes. The final assignment is to form small collaborative groups and to write what may become chapters in a book. Of course, we will eventually have our names out there as contributors, which is cool (and assumes that it ever gets published. And you know what they say about that!).
But: it's a seminar with 22 students in it. We're hot (no AC) and crowded, and we don't know each other well (except that smaller groups of us do). And it's a little frustrating.
So here are five graces, to help me shift my attitude:
I'm with (most of) my classmates, and they make it worth my time.
The weather is cooler here than at home.
I'm using the new netbook, and really liking traveling with the baby computer.
I'm in a classroom partially filled with people who understand multi-tasking, so I can blog, and read news, and google things I'm hearing. And maybe work on the new blog.
Soon, it will be time for lunch and an extended break.

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