Thursday, June 25, 2009

A garden update and 5 graces

I've been at a loss for something to blog; going to NJ for a class on collaborative leadership next week and have had a lot to do to get ready.
Not that I've done most of it.
So now it's crunch time...plane leaves Sunday afternoon, and I've still got to do laundry and pack and try to figure out how to prep for 5 nights in a dorm room and still only take carry-on luggage. It's a puzzle I'll be figuring out on Saturday.
So the garden continues to grow. Found another stealth cuke...I still have not seen a single flower on that plant, only veggies. The first of the yellow tomatoes cropped up in a hurry, too...they were green one day, and the next, one of them was perfectly, beautifully yellow. Someone told me how to ripen tomatoes once I'd picked them (yes, on a window sill, but upside down), but I prefer to ripen mine on the vine. I think our turtle has developed stealth mode: the WonderMutt, now with the new invisible fence transmitter and no longer tied to a tree, has not found her, but some of the cherry tomatoes on the lowest branches have bites taken out of the bottoms...I suspect it's her handiwork.
So, five graces:
1: the community yard sale, a fundraiser to support the new ecumenical ministry we're trying to get started, is shaping up to be impressive. I dropped off several boxes of "extras" from our house today, and there was a lot of stuff! So if you're in Beaufort on Saturday and need anything at all, make Grace Presbyterian on 70 your first stop.
2: The garden makes me happy. I may not be so happy when everything comes ripe at once, but for now, I love looking out at it. I'm thinking about fall crops already.
3: my experiment in cooking, blackberres & dumplings, turned out very well. I might sweeten the dumplings a little to offset the tartness of the blackberries, but I know it was good because I only got to eat one serving...Ben ate the rest!
4: I get to spend next week with most of my classmates. One will not be with us, and she will be sorely missed, but the rest of the crowd will be there. Hope we have as much fun as we did last summer.
5: I get to see Exceptional One and Two in a couple of weeks. Finally, we worked the schedule out!

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  1. I'm having problems with my little garden -- my first year trying this in a long long time and my plants just aren't doing well....

    At least it's a learning experience!


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