Wednesday, April 29, 2009

the Arts Festival is almost here

I'm obsessed by this event, with good reason. It's the sort of showpiece, at least on the local church level, of my doctoral project. The planning team for the event are my primary study group, and the congregation are the secondary study group.
What we're hoping will happen is that we will share our stories of who we are and who the church is as a result of the experiences we bring to it...arriving, maybe, at a more unified sense of who we are called to be into the future. On a very practical level, I'd consider the Arts Fest a success if I start hearing people telling stories about Ann Street that are not only their own...
So here's the flyer that's about town:

If you're around, come on by. We'll have all kinds of events throughout the day Saturday, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we'll have decent weather. Today's forecast looks pretty good!


  1. oh Anne... it looks absolutely amazing! wish i could be there... blessings on the venture!!

  2. What field are you pursuing a doctorate it?


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