Saturday, March 21, 2009

A huge sigh, a long snooze, and a sad good-bye

It's been three great days with my sister and her family.
I have:
washed and folded many loads of baby clothes
helped organize and put away said baby clothes
helped assemble goodie bags for my niece's 3rd birthday party
helped her mom send out last minute changes to the directions, which had a small but potentially fatal flaw
napped through one Duke game, and am getting ready to snooze through another
done many rounds of dishes--far more than I would do at my house (Ben's job, plus we don't cook often enough)
slept in the basement like the crazy aunt I am
made signs to direct people to the aforementioned birthday party
learned how to upload and edit video (in a very rudimentary way, but still, I'm proud)
read many books and sung many nursery songs
taken my first trip by train (at least half of it; I'll finish it off tomorrow)
walked for an hour in a mall. A real, enclosed mall with lots of fun stores. We don't have malls where I live.
received many, many hugs and kisses
laughed and laughed and laughed
watched Exceptional One (my niece) play and run and be silly and act like the big girl she is
spent time with my sister
and so much more I can't even think about it all!
Tomorrow I go back home, and I'll be sad. Exceptional One is powerfully cute, and Exceptional Two is due in only six weeks...I wish I could stay. But Ben misses me, the WonderMutt misses me, and there's work to be done. (Notice I did not say the spooky Boo cat misses me. That would be a lie. She'd prefer I never come home!)
So sigh...what a great time it's been!
I'll be snoozing in just a few minutes...
and tomorrow's good-bye will be a little sad; I'll be back again in a couple of months or so--when I'll have both a niece and a nephew to play with!

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  1. oohhh how nice you had at least a little time away... and more fun times to look forward to!


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