Sunday, February 22, 2009

When Facecrack's powers are used for good

So last night, I changed my Facecrack status to "Anne is praying for a sermon to drop fully-formed from the sky, and going out to supper with Ben."
By the time I got home, I had half a dozen comments, including 2 friends who sent me their sermons (dropped fully-formed from the interwebs) and some church members who were interested to hear what I'd be preaching today. As was I, at that point.
Such fun to see, and such grace from my friends to share their sermons.
I've been thinking about changing some of my Facecrack settings anyway in response to the privacy stuff, and because I have friends and church members from all kinds of different times in my life--they perhaps all don't need to know every stupid thought I have. I already don't pursue friends there; I wait for someone else to friend me, or to send a suggestions because I don't want to be intrusive. But I've friended my DS, for Pete's sake! I even thought of leaving Facecrack entirely.
But no, I'm sticking with it. This weekend was a good time to have friends, even (and maybe especially) on Facecrack.

1 comment:

  1. i emailed today's sermon yesterday to a friend in need... but not via face...
    with their new "rules" i'm glad i'm not into it...


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