Monday, January 5, 2009

Poetry Party Epiphanies Edition

It's time for an Abbey of the Arts Invitation to Poetry!

Christine offers this image for contemplation. Not sure how I get there from here:

It all seemed so fast:
The angel spoke,
Joseph welcomed,
Bethlehem beckoned,
the Baby came.
Shepherds visited,
Time to catch her breath!
Then foreign magi
Herod's wrath
flight to Egypt.
The child grew
and grew strange.
"My Father's House"?
A wedding
A baptism
Three years of wandering
Then the Cross and the Tomb.
How time must have flown for Mary.
Where was her baby boy?
Where was the young man,
speaking in the temple?
What would become of God's Promise?
How could he be dead?
The longest weekend, ever,
until Sabbath ended
and new life began.
Light dawned,
Love lived,
Mary pondered to herself:
"I knew it all along."


  1. was Mary reflecting on what a tangled web we weave? hee hee...

    seriously - very nice!

  2. what an incredible journey you take us on Anne! Thanks!


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