Friday, January 9, 2009

Pancakes Friday Five

From Sophia at RevGalBlogPals:
Last week Sally gave us a beautiful, spiritually reflective Friday Five, so it's time for something light and fluffy (literally). It's inspired by the fact that as I write this my dear spouse TechnoGuy, with the assistance of daughter Ladybug, is making a batch of chocolate chip pancakes with two Christmas presents. One is the Knott's Berry Farm mix which came along with jam, boysenberry syrup, and biscuit mix from my aunt (we ended up with two sets, since my parents passed theirs on to avoid sweet and carb-y temptation). The other is the large size Black and Decker electric skillet he was thrilled that I got him online -- our trusty wedding present normal size one still works at going on 20 years, but the Teflon is getting worn, and he wanted more cooking space. So pull up a chair to the kitchen table and tell us all about your pancake preferences.

1. Scratch or mix? Buttermilk or plain?
Scratch and plain for me!

2. Pure and simple, or with additions cooked in?
First, I add vanilla and cinnamon to the batter, and sometimes orange juice (although that's best with French toast). And I'm fond of chocolate chips, pecans, and bananas added in--any or all!

3. For breakfast or for dinner?
Yes. Or lunch. Or a snack.

4. Preferred syrup or other topping? How about the best side dish?
Depends on what's in it. I like regular pancake syrup okay, but I don't really like maple. Boysenberry is great. I also use berry jam or peanut butter, especially on leftovers. Some pancakes don't need anything but a light dusting of powdered sugar.

5. Favorite pancake restaurant?
The Beaufort Cafe, a local place that makes great pancakes and waffles.

Bonus: Any tasty recipes out there, for pancakes or other special breakfast dishes? Bring 'em on!
I use the tried and true recipe from the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook--the red & white plaid one. I don't measure my add-ins, and I always rest the batter 10-15 minutes (at least) before I start cooking my 'cakes.


  1. Great play, thanks for the reminder about resting the pancake batter!

  2. My husband is like you--loves Log Cabin, hates my cherished real maple syrup. All the more for me...

    THe vanilla and cinnamon sound great--I really am not wild about our scratch pancakes around here. Thanks!

  3. I never knew you were supposed to "rest" the batter!

  4. i can't get over how many folks like PB on their pancakes... that just sounds too "thick" or something... but maybe i need thick today as it has been freezing rain... and now snow. you can see for about 1 mile... augh. augh. augh!

  5. too dang funnny - you just left me a comment and i was just here... haa haa

    have a great sunday!


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