Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ben as a child

My husband, who has cerebral palsy, received a box in the mail from his mom the other day. In the box, we found some little mementos from his childhood and some special pictures.
Prior to this, we had only one picture of Ben with his dog, Razz, who died Ben's senior year of high school. Razz was a special dog, a stray who adopted Ben's family, and he looked after Ben. Ben says he was extremely protective, and would warn off anyone who came too close unless they were family or very close friends.

Also, there were some pictures of Ben's oldest brother, Ron. Ron was 18 years older than Ben, and Ben idolized him. Ron died when Ben was twelve. Ben's about two in this picture; it's the first one I've seen of Ben so young, and so fragile.


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