Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I'm cutting my holiday with my family short for a funeral this weekend.
I feel like such a grouch. I had to tell the widow that I am not available on Friday--and I'm not--if I had to be here for a Friday funeral there would be no point is going to Virginia Beach, and I would basically have no Christmas. And part of me wishes I'd said no to Saturday as well, but I couldn't. She's in pain, and needs the church, and I'm the designated representative, although there are many others.
So there you go. Tomorrow night after our worship services, my truck and I hit the road. I've got way too many presents wrapped and a Christmas Eve sermon drafted and ready to go. Thursday and maybe Friday I will see Exceptional One (I've even got an early gift for Exceptional Two). For now, I'm tired and going to bed!


  1. *ahem* not a grouch. you are practicing good self care... remember? i know it's a tough balance and a sucky situation...

    i hope you can find some peace & joy in the midst of working your butt of this week! prayers my friend...

  2. I hope you are getting some good time "down" and some self care.


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