Thursday, December 11, 2008

5 graces for today

1: While the weather is unsettled, I love listening to the thunder.
2: Tomorrow, winter will be back and it will be cold and lovely again.
3: The WonderMutt is sleeping under my chair. He's rarely that quiet inside...he loves to be outdoors. Or sleeping in my bed. I like having him close.
4: I make cookies and stuff today, as a treat for the choir. Cranberry bars, cheesecake brownie bites, and cereal mix. I also baked oatmeal cookies and my grandmother's brownie mounds, but somehow there wasn't room for them in the tub I sent to the choir. Hmmm. Whatever shall I do with them?
5: We have a funeral Saturday, which is not a grace in itself. What is lovely and gracious about it is that I can honestly say that the man who died had no regrets. He had recently confronted his personal demons, made a major turnaround in his life, and spent lots of time with those he loved. He would have loved to have more time with his family, but he had take the opportunity to become a new person seriously, and so we can celebrate his resurrection with joy, even as we mourn his passing.

Now here's a little whining. I can't help myself.
In the next two weeks, our church will have a wedding (maybe two, I'm not sure), three funerals (at least--morbid, but true), 4 Sunday morning services, two cantata performances, three special worship services...and a partridge in a pear tree.
Next week sometime I'll wrap Christmas least I'm mostly done with the shopping.
I'm looking forward to Christmas Day, and time with my family, and fun with the Exceptional One...whose sib still needs a blog name. The contest is almost over, time is running out!

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  1. i'd whine too if my church calendar looked like that!!

    been thinkin' of blog names for the baby but haven't come up with anything suitable... augh.

    my creative juices are dry. sermons. newsletter articles. christmas letters. i have zip creativity... i'm tired, really bone tired many days right now. i feel like the ghost of pastor present... or something. perhaps this will pass?! i hope so...

    enjoy your treats and make sure you take care of yourself amidst the busy-ness! whew...


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