Saturday, November 1, 2008

So I'm a glutton for punishment

I tried to do NaBloPoMo last year, and couldn't pull it off, so this year, with work, school, and apparently my mother-in-law coming to live in the area, I decided to do it this year.

Because I am an idiot.

Or something like it.

Not my best decision, as it is now 10:50 pm and the best I can do for the first post is to post about posting.

I'll do better, I hope.

Blogging is an outlet for me, sometimes a creative one, sometimes a place to vent, often a place to share something fun. I do it for me, not for readers, which is good, because I can't figure out how to tell how many hits I get, so I can't get BlogHer ads, and the Google AdSense ads I tried just advertised obnoxious Christian sites that I don't agree with. I think I left them up about 37 seconds. So I write to try to keep myself sane, one way or another. I think telling stories are the best way to do that, hence the title of my blog, "Telling Stories and Learning Faith."

What else better do I have to do with my time?

(Don't answer that!)

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