Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I like this....

While prospecting for lectionary gold online, I found this, on the Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church website:
All Saints
All Saints 2


  1. those are 2 beautiful pieces... i wrote my sermon before i left for vac. and went thru it this morning again... i fear it has a little too much 'insider' church lingo... perhaps i'll adlib from the pulpit...

    for all saints i am asking the questions "does one life make a difference? does your life make a difference - not for you... but for the community of Christ?" weighty stuff indeed this all saints.....

  2. Thank you for the link. I have some UM roots myself, a brother in NY and a sister in SC are long active UMers. My grandfather was a circurt rider starting in Three Forks MT and then to N Wisconsin. I like your thoughts and photos, keep up the good work, good search, good pondering and the call for others to do the same.
    Pastor Dan


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