Saturday, October 11, 2008

Home, at least for a little while

What a busy week this will be!
I came back from NJ last night. Great week, but I started having migraine symptoms on the last leg of my flight home. As usual, I didn't recognize that I was seeing auras (the visual defect that accompanies some migraines and all of mine) but just wrote them off to being tired. Then when I was talking to my father while driving back to Beaufort, I noticed numbness in my hand, but I wrote that off to talking on the phone while driving the truch on a drizzly night. That is, until the aphasia started: I lose the ability to say the words I'm thinking. This was a mild case; I made myself understood, but I was frustrated. Still, it was mild, and I was tired. When my face began to tingle, though, there had been too many signs to ignore. Of course, I still had a fairly long drive to get back home.
Fortunately, I guess, I tend to have a lot of percursor symptoms prior to a migraine, and I don't get them very often. So I got myself home before the pain was too bad, took my medicine (which of course I hadn't packed) and went to bed. I've been groggy and had a headache hangover all day. My biggest fear is that they will come in clusters, as they did when I first started having them--it can be difficult to break the cycle. Thus far, I think I'm in the clear, which is good, given that I'm flying solo tomorrow while Eric preached Homecoming at a former parish.
I'm anxious to get back into the office, to catch up on some things, and to clear my desk (figuratively, rarely literally) for our vacation: seven days in the mountains! Hopefully there will be pictures. In the meantime, I'm taking another pill and going to get my beauty rest for tomorrow.

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