Saturday, September 27, 2008

What's up with the world?

Duke won.
Against UVa.

That makes me very happy, although it seriously interfered with my sermon-writing, even though I had to watch the "live stats" on the Duke website because I don't get the right channel, and I couldn't even get it on the radio.

Tauiliili is now my new favorite word.
Just say it.
It's fun.

Oh, the simple things that amuse my simple mind.


  1. Whoot!!!!!!

    Hubby and D2 were reminiscing via phone about Wallace Wade Stadium. They both agreed it needs a makeover.

    And in the words of Grandbabyboy, "What the heck?" A new Blue Devil costume???? Say it ain't so!

    Lots of love your way from the chilly Great Sinkhole Region!

  2. uhm okay... is he a player for duke? seriously i'm in the wrong part of the country to cheer for duke... like ever.

  3. Yep, HC, he's a Duke player. Samoan heritage, in case you couldn't guess.
    Truthfully, for the last several decades there's been no need to know a thing about Duke football, but this year is a very good year. My Redskins are looking like something, too!


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